Ms Jade Hwang

UITF 6th Degree Black Belt

Korean Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee 2015


Questions/answers from the magazine article:


How old were you when you started Taekwon-Do?

"Formally when I was around 5 but I spent many hours at the Taekwon-Do school pretty much from the day I was born."


Was your instructor your Father?

"Of course he taught me because he is always teaching, he can't help it. We practiced at home, at the
bus stop, in the parking lot, in the airport, anytime and anywhere you are is an opportunity for him to
teach. But growing up I had an instructor, Master William Oulundsen. Along with my father
he taught me from a young age and was my coach throughout my competitive career."



Apart from your father, who else have been either role models or icons for you in Taekwon-Do or martial arts over the years?

"My instructor, Master Oulundsen has been a second father to me for my whole life. I admire and respect him and truthfully to this day I'm still a little afraid of him. He is a tough as nails kind of guy and growing up I was definitely not tough. Without his guidance and support I never would have been able to achieve all that I have in TKD and life in general. I've been lucky to have incredible teachers and role models in my life, I still look up to and learn from many of them."



I understand you were the first female inductee into the Korean Martial Arts Hall of Fame. when was this and what was it like, both the evening itself and to be recognised by them personally?

"The induction was in Philadelphia this past August. It was a huge honour and humbling experience to be surrounded by so many amazing martial artists from different styles. The mutual respect and admiration for one another was felt by all. The day was filled with short seminars by different Masters. My father and I taught the first session of the day and it was fun to teach students of both Taekwon-Do and other martial arts atthe same time. The ceremony was beautifully done and paid respect to some very accomplished martial artists. My father was honoured a “Living Legend” so to be able to share that experience with him was special for us both."

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