Womens Self Defense, Combative Tactical Training Course and ITF Seminars are offered 'As Announced'


Women's Self Defense

This class teaches women basic & practical self defense. Women are taught simple and practical techniques to protect themselves. This course has been held as a fundraiser where the proceeds were donated to My Sisters Place in Hartford CT and offered to the general public as well.

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We strongly believe this course will help improve your technique in hand to hand combat and self defense, as well as building more confidence in defending yourself in practical situations.

This course is to be taken seriously. Learning to defend oneself is not a laughing matter.

Master Oulundsen

Four Basic Rules in unarmed self-defense again a weapon's attack:

1. Clear your body of the weapon's line of fire and angle of attack.

2. Stabilize and control the weapon, breaking the base of the enemy's balance utilizing low kicking, sweeping, joint locking, and breaking of the limbs.

3. Disarm the attacker. The student must focus his concentration upon the weapon, never losing control or feel for the weapon, his primary concern being that this one factor gives lethality to the assailant's attack.

4. Neutralize the enemy. Once the assailant has been disarmed the enemy must be neutralized and physical control must be maintained



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FMA seminar


Master Oulundsen will offer seminars on the elements of Taekwondo. A seminar which covered the basics of ITF patterns was held in Agawam Ma. at The Family Martial Arts Academy.

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